CITF Online Learning

Take advantage of our online training opportunities offered by the CITF. With flexible self-paced courses and comprehensive course materials, our online classes provide a convenient way for our students to enhance their skills and knowledge from anywhere.

Accessing Courses Online Learning Center

To access the courses, log in to the Carpenters International Training Fund (Las Vegas) Online Learning Center using the link below. Note that separate login information is required compared to the Local Training Center Website. Create a new CITF account by following the detailed instructions provided in the red boxes for additional support.
COVID-19 Preparedness Qualification (CITF) online course covers OSHA guidelines and is accessible to all members through the CITF Learning Management System (LMS). After completing the course and test, members receive the COVID-19 Preparedness Qualification (CITF) certification displayed on their Training Verification Card (TVC).

ICRA: Best Practices Awareness (CITF)

Additionally, there is an ICRA: Best Practices Awareness (CITF) online course available on the same CITF Online Learning Center. This course aims to promote effective communication, awareness, and protocols for working in occupied healthcare facilities. Access this course to gain valuable knowledge and enhance your skills in maintaining safety in healthcare settings.
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