Thank you for your interest in being part of the Eastern Atlantic states Carpenters Technical College! The EASCTC is an equal opportunity employer. Our training community, representing a variety of ages, races, ethnicities, interests, and backgrounds, are all dedicated to support the EASCTC mission, working together towards the common goal of providing our members with quality, affordable, state-of-the-art training.

Applying Online

All job applicants are required to apply online by submitting their resume. It is important that your resume shows all the relevant education, certifications and experience you possess. *Applicants with incomplete resumes may not be considered. In addition, please ensure your resume has your current up-to-date contact information.

Thank you for your interest! At the moment, there are no job openings. 

    Equal Opportunity Employment Pledge

    The Eastern Atlantic States Carpenters Technical College will not discriminate against apprenticeship applicants or apprentices based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), sexual orientation, genetic information, or because they are an individual with a disability or a person 40 years old or older.

    The EASCTC will take affirmative action to provide equal opportunity in apprenticeship and will operate the apprenticeship program as required under Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations, part 30.

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