Unlock the art of craftsmanship and embark on a transformative journey of skill-building with Eastern Atlantic States Carpenters Technical Center's cutting-edge courses and programs. On this page you will find detailed information on our Apprenticeship curriculum, Specialty Programs and our Continuing Education courses.

Pioneering the Pathway

At the heart of every construction project, our members leave an indelible mark, being the first to arrive and the last to depart. As the largest group of skilled workers nationwide, Carpenters hold a pivotal role, shaping commercial, residential, and institutional structures with unparalleled expertise, honed through rigorous union training. Steeped in the legacy of one of the world's oldest and most esteemed trades, being a Carpenter is a testament to joining a revered Brotherhood. While our members boast diverse skill sets, they all share an unwavering dedication to excellence, forming the backbone of our craft.


Carpenters work in diverse settings, constructing structures of all sizes and complexities, utilizing various materials and tools, and demonstrating a range of skills.

Floor Layer

Floor layers install various types of flooring materials in a wide range of settings, including banks, hospitals, schools, industrial plants, and residential buildings.

Pile Driver

Pile Drivers specialize in various construction tasks involving pile and foundation installation, bridge and dock construction, retaining wall work, tunnel and bulkhead construction, and coffer dam building.


Millwrights are skilled craftsmen who install, maintain, repair, and diagnose complex machinery, showcasing expertise in interconnected parts like drive shafts, bearings, gearing, conveyors, and turbines across industries.


Mill/Cabinets bring architectural designs to reality by crafting and installing a wide range of woodwork, cabinetry, furniture, and décor using materials like wood, laminate, solid surface, and fiberglass.


Providing training, expert guidance, and in-depth knowledge of traditional and modern upholstery techniques, empowering students to master transforming furniture into stunning works of art.


Equipping students with the skills and expertise in key cutting, lock installation, security systems, and advanced techniques, preparing them for a successful career in the ever-evolving field of locksmithing.

Casino In-House

Crafting custom furniture and fixtures, bringing precision to every project, and enhancing the beauty and functionality of the spaces within the organization.

Continuing Education

The primary purpose of the Department of Continuing Education is to assist our members in acquiring supplementary skills, certifications, and qualifications.

Specialty Programs

Our Specialty Programs aims to train participants in various specialized fields. Our Specialty programs include the Eastern District and the Global Wind Organization program, which include working safely at heights and conducting basic height-based rescues in remote wind turbine environments.

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