TVC card

A Training Verification Card (TVC) provides real-time training reports for UBC members. In addition, the Training Verification Card helps UBC members track their current training and stay eligible for future training. See below for more information.

What is a Training Verification Card (TVC)?

The Training Verification Card offers UBC members real-time training reports and serves as a tool to track their current training and maintain eligibility for future training opportunities. This wallet-sized card contains a QR code that, when scanned, provides verification of the member's training, certifications, and qualifications. Employers can obtain an up-to-date report from a continuously updated database that reflects completed courses and earned certifications/qualifications with just one scan of the code.

Additionally, the TVC includes essential information such as the member's name, UBC ID number, local union, craft, classification (journeyman, apprentice), status, and paid-through date.

▲ IMPORTANT! – If you have an SST Card issued by the NYC Carpenters, the action to reprint the TVC card will invalidate your SST card. This is because your SST card is linked to your TVC card. So, if a you request a replacement TVC card, you must notify NYC Carpenters so they can reissue you a valid SST card. Click here for NYC Carpenters contact information page.

How can I get a Training Verification Card or request a new one?

If you lost your card or need a new card, please contact your Home Training Center. They will be able to confirm your address where the card will be sent and send you a temporary TVC card to your email. This temporary card is valid for 2 weeks until you receive your permanent card in the mail. Once we request a new TVC card, all other TVC cards will be invalid. See below contact information for our training centers.

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