Signatory Contractors

Essential players in the construction industry, are companies that have formally entered into agreements with trade unions, pledging to adhere to established labor standards and work conditions when employing union members for their projects.

Become a Contractor

Esteemed participants in the construction realm, offer numerous advantages to workers, including job security, competitive wages, comprehensive benefits, and opportunities for skill development, making them a compelling choice for professionals seeking a stable and rewarding career in the industry.

Prepare Yourself

When seeking employment with a contractor associated with GBCA or IFCA, it is important to remember not to contact these associations directly, as they do not handle hiring processes. Instead, focus on meeting with the contractors within the associations who are responsible for hiring. To make a positive impression during such meetings, be sure to dress appropriately, have your resume on hand, arrive early, display enthusiasm for the opportunity, actively listen to the conversation, and don't hesitate to ask thoughtful questions about the job and the company. By showcasing your professionalism and eagerness, you increase your chances of standing out as a potential candidate for the position.

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