Welcome to the gateway of opportunities offered by the Eastern Atlantic States Carpenters Technical Center. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey of skill development and professional growth. Your Path to Becoming a Union Carpenter Begins Here!

Application Process

To kickstart your journey as an Apprentice, it is essential to register and participate in an upcoming virtual Information Session. During this session, we will provide you with comprehensive details about our Apprenticeship program and create a platform for you to seek clarifications by asking questions. Upon conclusion of the Information Session, you will receive detailed instructions on how to proceed with the application process for our esteemed Apprenticeship program.

We currently do not have a date for the next Information Session, however, please click on the red button below to be registered into the waitlist. Once we have a date for the next information session you will be emailed, so make sure to check your email on a regular basis.

For more information, feel free to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, specifically tailored to address common queries about our Apprenticeship program.

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